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Fluid Power Energy is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of temperature control valves, sometimes referred to as thermostatic control valves, TCVs, thermal control valves, thermo control valves,  temperature regulating valves, thermostatic diverting valves, thermal regulator valves, thermal regulating valves, regulator control valves, Amot valves or thermostatic valves depending on the industry, FPE serves clients on seven continents with plants and offices around the globe.

FPE’s mission is to provide exponential value with the highest-quality, lowest cost temperature control valves, in the fastest lead time remains. Albeit with a few advancements. From the ability to customize valves to your specifications and lead free compliance with additional piping, fittings, oil filtration and sensing, mixing or diverting valves to a soon-to-release line of shutoff valves and Spin Clean, our full line of oil filtration systems.


Thermostatic Control Valves

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