Pressure Relief Valves


Managing fuel pressure to accommodate the needs of today’s diesel engines is crucial to the integrity of the system and to the life of fuel system components. Paragon Products’ pressure relief valves provide this peace of mind and help protect filter housings, hoses, fittings, seals, and pumps by eliminating pressure spikes and irregularities.

Paragon’s valves satisfy manufacturers’ recommendations by offering a number of precision pressure relief units, all based on one versatile and robust package. Valves can be set to relieve pressure ranging from 0.1 to 10.4 Bar (2 to 150 PSI), while flow rates can be adjusted from 0 LPM to 53.2 LPM (0 – 14 GPM). Valve cracking pressure and piston dampening can be customized to meet unique performance requirements. Units with field adjustability are also available.

Features and Benefits

Like our pump products, Paragon’s valves are thoroughly tested for durability and reliability. Sliding surfaces are nitride hardened for unprecedented product life. Ongoing laboratory testing of over two million cycles validates the ability of our valves to perform even under the harshest of operating conditions. Available in a single valve unit or in an easy-to-integrate manifold, our valve packages are based on standard SAEJ1926-12 port sizes and can be modified in size and interface to meet specific application requirements or replace existing hardware.

Cut away of pressure relief valve

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