Paragon Bombas Comércio e Serviços Ltda started its activities in Brazil in 2011 with the vision to supply rail, maritime, oil and gas and other industrial markets. With a specialized logistic importation, the company guarantees a fast and efficient service to its customers, with a mission to improve and supply the latin america industrial market.

In addition to represent exclusively Paragon Products, Fluid Power Energy and Trina NRE Transportation, the company continues incessantly mapping the market to build new partnership with reliable manufacturers, valuing ethics and compliance thereof.

In 2016 Paragon Bombas has expanded its business, opening a headquarters in the United States in order to improve our services and ensure better market prices.


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Paragon seeks to solve simple problems often identified in the market.

The company provides customs logistics for its customers, along with its US subsidiary. Thus, Paragon ensures quality control for their imported parts, so that they arrive as quickly as possible to its customers and in perfect operating conditions.

Moreover, by working with pieces of high value in the market, the company also repair certain components such as fuel pumps Paragon, in order to satisfy their customers and bring effective solutions and short-term.



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Paragon Bombas Comércio e Serviços

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